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Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Braeton Massacre

On 14 March 2001, the police leaded by Superintendent Reneto Adams Reneto Adams, head of Crime Management Unitkilled seven young men at a house in Braeton, Kingston.
The police claimed the men fired upon them after some 60 officers arrived at the house and requested them to give themselves up. According to the police, all seven were killed when the gun fire was returned.
However, residents in the area claim they heard the men pleading for officers to spare their lives before the police took the men back inside the house one at a time and apparently executed them.
A pathologist, sent by Amnesty International, observed the autopsies and noted that six of the seven youths had been shot in the head, with at least one shot fired at close range, and concluded that it was "highly unlikely" that the shooting occurred in the manner suggested by the police and that the pattern of gunshot wounds was "more consistent" with the theory that the men were shot from inside the house.

Why did they feel the need to execute those young children?. Sadly the gunplay in Jamaica is real. This is surely a blight on the police department in Jamaica...60 policemen to answer one complaint...sad..


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