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Friday, July 28, 2006

Health Crisis

While scanning the Jamaica Gleaner today, I saw where there is a possibility of a health crisis, due to the nurses strike. It is odd I speak to my American counterparts and I think many of them view Jamaica as this paradise island (which of course it is),without any real problems, aside from the apparent poverty.

Jamaica's main hospitals, Victoria Jubilee, May Pen, Kingston Public, Mandeville, Saint Ann's Bay and Port Antonio Regional all have reported (as of today) that a large majority of the nurses' have indeed called in sick. An interesting request presented by the University Hospital of the West Indies to the family members, was that they come and give aid to their relatives in the hospital.

Now Jamaica Nurses Association of Jamaica(NAJ) while understanding the impact it will have on the country, stands behind its nurses. You have to understand in this country the demand for good medical care is high. However, in a country like Jamaica, with many of its doctors and nurses going overseas for higher pay, even with 15% reduction that can seem like a catastrophe.

I know growing up that my granny knew what herbs to go and cut to make us feel better. I often wonder why the people in the city haven't relied on some of the expertise from what we term as "Bush Doctors." In America they are known as Holistic experts. Sometimes technology is not all it is cracked up to be. Well, that is my opinion.

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