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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Babylon dem have a sick out

What is going on Babylon a FALL DOWN...The policemen in Jamaica want more
money mon! Boy, what would happen if ALL the policeman in Jamaica were to stop working for more then one week. The crimminals would run wild. Jamaica would have to have Martial Law imposed on it.

The ministry of Finance says," "It is my hope that both sides (the Ministry of Finance and the Police Federation) will resume negotiations promptly, in view of the paramount interest of all law-abiding citizens in having a secured environment within which to conduct business."

Several police departments and divisions in the Corporate Area, Hanover, St James, St Elizabeth, Manchester, St Catherine and St Mary were affected by the sick-out.

I tell you what if it gets crazy in Jamaica many people are going to try run and get visa fi go to the States, Canada or Europe.

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