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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Why I m Proud to be a Jamaican (part 2)

In part one I focused on some of my memories growing up in Jamaica as a child. In this post I want to focus on the universal aspect of coming from Jamaica- The music. The music of Jamaica has bonded people from all over the world. From the beginning sounds of SKA to the pulsating beat of today's Dance Hall.

You cannot mention Jamaica to anyone without them smiling and thinking about the music. Back in the day we would have the Sound System men have their huge Speakers in the back of their van or truck and set up along the roadside. I mean literally set up by a road side. In Kingston, hell it could be anywhere.

You could hear the music for miles. I would stand in my yard and just rock and sway my body to the sounds. It was really nice on a warm Jamaica night, under the stars. My cousin and I would stand in the courtyard and move our bodies to the beat until we dropped with exhausation. Of course it was much better when you were there. We sometimes had live performances as well. People like Jacob Miller, Beres Hammond, Junior Byles, and even the great Peter Tosh would sometimes show up and have these spontaneous Jam sessions.
Jamaica Revival music

Music is in the blood of every Jamaican. From the movements of Revival to the sweat-dropping sounds of Buju Banton. It was not an easy life in Jamaica, not even today for many, but the music makes it sweet to be a Jamaican mon.

Some of the sound system mon dem

Lee "Scratch" Perry
Jamaican Dancehall style
Some crucial moves iyah

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Beenie Man-ranking Dancehall King


Leon said...

Hi Irie. It's nice to see things that make us proud. We seem to be known for very little these days.

iriegal said...

true dat brothat Leon...true dat