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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The many uses for"RASS"

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This is an interesting word. I remember while I was going to school this was the favorite CUSS WORD to use. Rass is a powerful word yuh know. Here are some Rass words to use in your Rass conversation.


Granny did sey RASS is a very powerful word. Never you forget a word as important as RASS and its many RASS uses!

1. RASS is a good way to finish a sentence that lacks excitement ...

tekki back RASS!
Gimme back RASS!

2. RASS can be used in biology eg.....

Look pan di gal RASS!

3. It can be used as a warning of future troubles .... cover yu RASS!

4. It can ward off unwanted sexual advances ....

me nah gi yu me numba yu ugly RASS!
move yu RASS from me, RASS!

5. It can describe extreme pain ....

it hot nuh RASS!
me granny gi me some RASS licks inna mi RASS.
So now me RASS deh hot mi like RASS

6. It can describe size .....

yuh foot dem big nuh RASS!
him have a RASS mouth deh!
look pon im 'ead, it fava mandora Coconut to RASS

7. As you can see RASS is an all-purpose Jamaican word. You can use it as often as yu RASS feel!

Greeting ...... How de RASS yu do?
Fraud ......... Yu too RASS tief!
Dismay ........ RASS!
Trouble ....... Oh RASS!
Aggression .... Watch yu RASS self!
Disgust ....... Cho RASS!
Confusion ..... Wha di RASS a gwaan!
Incompetence .. A wha di RASS yu a do .... RASS-idiot!
Lost .......... Whe di RASS we deh!
Pleasure ...... it nice nuh RASS!
Retaliation ... Yu RASS-claat...
And of course . kiss mi RASS!

Me done to RASS!!

but one more RASS TING..

The ting is not the ting, but when the ting is in deh ting, now dat a someting.


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seet deh