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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rita Marley

Rita Marley

Alpharita Constantia Anderson, or as we know her "Rita Marley" born July 25th 1946, is by far more recognized for her marriage to Robert "Bob" Nester Marley then for her own singing success.

Rita grew up in Jamaica and met Bob when she was singing with a group called, "The Soulettes." She and Bob actually were from the same area, "Trenchtown", (I guess what people would term lower income housing in the United States). Rita was from the upper level of Trenchtown and Bob from the lower level. Rita made sure Bob noticed her though. She used to hang out and watch him play ball. Bob noticed her and eventually they married and Rita converted to the Rastafari Movement. They have 3 children with this union. She was also instrumental in writing several of Bob's tunes.

In 1974 Rita formed the "I-Threes" which consisted of Judy Mowatt,and Marcia Griffiths, as well as herself.

After the death of her husband Bob Marley Rita Founded the "RITA MARLEY FOUNDATION" in 2000 (

Below are some of Rita's Tracks

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Listen to Track: One Draw
1. One Draw
Listen to Track: Woman And A Man - Original
2. Woman And A Man - Original
Listen to Track: You're My Desire
3. You're My Desire
Listen to Track: Dem A Fight (Freedom)
4. Dem A Fight (Freedom)
Listen to Track: Who Colt The Game
5. Who Colt The Game

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