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Friday, October 19, 2007

Air Jamaica Ceo Quits

I have used Air Jamaica for travel several times. I like it for its tourist-like fanfare. It is kinda like flying Air Hawaain , you get the feel of the island. According to the Jamaica Observer (newspaper), CEO Mike Conway has resigned from his position.

Conway, who was two years into his three-year contract with the airline, yesterday declined to say whether he was pressured into resigning.

The former Air Jamaica boss said the 2,500 staff members at the airline needed a leader who was ready to "charge up the hill with whatever new plans were being proposed".

According to Conway, his employment agreement had a provision for him to be able to resign in the event of a change of government.

It seems not everyone is in agreement with some of the new policies being handed down by the government.

In an interview on Wednesday night, the new Air Jamaica chairman, Shirley Williams, said the board's first major task would be to find out definitively what were the reasons behind the carrier's annual loss.

"We don't have much time, so we have to get in there, brief ourselves, look at the problem and find the solutions," she said.


Gillian Campbell said...

Well, let's hope this is a sign of good things to come at Air Jamaica.

If Air Jamaica is to regain profitability in 2009, there will have to be a strong CEO at the helm, who has both Jamaica's interest and that of the airline, at heart.


"Girl With a Purpose" Blog

iriegal said...

I, like you Gillian,hope that the current government can bring some stability and profitability to many of Jamaica's resources. Number one being tourism