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Friday, October 26, 2007

Beenie Man-nuh fraid of deh tax mon

Well, I guess it doesn't matter what country you live in, Taxes have to be paid. This was a hard, expensive lesson that Beenie Man (Moses Davis) has to come to gripes with. Yesterday, Shocking Vibes was taken to task by Alexander who accused the record company of contributing to the artiste's non-payment of taxes. He in fact said that Shocking Vibes ought to take responsibility for the money owed.

The Tax Administration Department has said that the artiste owes income taxes that have not been paid since 1996. According to the claim, the artiste owes the state $47 million, $29 million of which is unpaid taxes with penalty of $18 million.

You know why do artist think they are above the law. It is sad, if you or I, the average person did not pay our taxes even within a year, we would be under the jail so fast by the IRS. Well, since I don't think in this lifetime or the next I will be owing that much money, I think I have nothing to worry about.


Shelia said...

I doubt that he has that much money. He might just be going to jail!

iriegal said...

I don't know you would be surprised Shelia. Unlike U.S.artist, the Jamaican "dons" will come together, get the money and bail him out.

that is why they never learn to take responsibility.