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Monday, October 08, 2007

Digicel Rising Stars

Jamaica has its own version of, "American Idol" and it is sponsored by Digicel. Digicel Rising Stars which airs on Sunday in Jamaica has become a popular Jamaican television show. Now finishing its s 4th Season, it features the best musical singing talent that Jamaica has to offer.
The season finished with Romain Virgo being declared the winner for 2007.

I love the concept of this show. Giving the children another focal point (aside from the gangs and other forms of violence) is a such a wonderful concept. Of course the usual cries of Foul were declared when Virgo won. (The star from Stepney, St. Ann) It was stated that some people felt his church was using the church bus to go around and give out phone cards for the people in the district to vote for him. Not knowing if that was true or not, it really doesn't make it any different then the controversy that surrounds the "AMERICAN IDOL" in the United States.

At least you don't have people stating they slept with the judges. Below is a picture of the two finalist and a piece sung by the winner.

Jodian Pantry

Romain Virgo


Stinkypaw said...

It wouldn't be a contest without some controversy!

iriegal said...

I thing Stinkypaw that some people thrive on controversy. But glad that Jamaica has adopted some fun Western ways.