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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween in Jamaica-not celebrated


Halloween celebrations, especially Halloween parties, have become a growing concept in Jamaica, especially in tourist resort areas, industry insiders say. However, not all Jamaicans are welcoming this relatively new phenomenon.

Halloween, a tradition celebrated in the United States on October 31 each year, has been gaining popularity in Jamaica with several clubs and hotels staging Halloween parties. Some have even made Halloween a traditional event or plan to make it one.

Observed in North America and Western Europe, Halloween is symbolically associated with death and the supernatural. It falls on the eve of All Saints Day, which is celebrated by the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches.

However, not all Jamaicans agree with the concept of Halloween or Halloween parties. As far as many Jamaicans are concerned, Halloween is a demonic event best left in the US where it is celebrated.

So with that being said, it is very few times you will see a Jamaican going out trick or treating. Duppy nah get in dem house.


Anonymous said...

Sooooooooooooooo sad. It is not even laughable. I am jamaican born and also a naturlazied citizen of the united states. When tourists visit carribean places(an isolated few)they bring their own narrow-mined viewpoints and sterotypical ideas. I can see this man going back home and bragging to his buddies on the job what a HOOT this photo is! Jamaica is more than rum,jerk food,and nude is: CULTURE,TRADITION and HISTORY WRAPPED IN BLACK,GREEN and GOLD.

Thank you for your insightful words on your page...ONE LOVE.

iriegal said...

Preach Anonymous. Preach.

MrsYFA said...

Hey Iriegal, I just did a post on the whole "blackfaced" Jamaican bobsled scandal on my blog...people are so reckless in their decisions to portray and interact with other cultures and's a shame.