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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Stop the Killings

Marlon Hurd (top left), Shaneta Smith and their daughter Lorna Hurd

Usually I don't report on the violent activities in Jamaica, but this story so touched my heart I had to write about it. On October 4th in Rockport, located in East Kingston a brutal rampage of killings took place. The dead included,a four-month-old Lorna J Hurd; her 18-year-old mother, Shaneta Smith, and her father, 27-year-old Marlon Hurd; 19-year old Christina Brian and her mother, Violet Williams; 70-year-old Joanne Richardson and her nine-year-old grandson, Mutumbo Thomas.a four month old baby girl, her nine year old brother, an elderly woman.

This is by no means the worst killing in this often volatile section of Kingston, but the most heartless, in my opinion. The baby was sleeping right next to its mother. Suspicions of gang related activity in the killings are what the police are now concentrating on.

Jamaica is very dependent on tourism for its economic growth. I wonder after seeing all the violent tides that are increasing over the years on the island, how this in turn will affect the growth of Jamaica. Well, I know it won't affect it because the sections where the tourist are located are very highly sanctioned.

What is happening to the consciousness of so many people that one can put a gun to a four-month old's head and pull the trigger.



Stinkypaw said...

Sad that violence is getting to this point where no discrimation is made between an innocent and a gang member...

I've been to Jamaica once, in Negril, and I like they people I've met. I never really felt "safe" there for some reason, even if we were in the "highly sanctioned tourist area". This is when I discovered Buju Banton's music.

P.S. Got here from Blogcatalog's discussion

iriegal said...

Hi Stinkypaws, yes it is so sad when we have people who don't value life.

Yeah, I love Blogcatalog discussion. I love that site. Some really cool people.