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Friday, November 02, 2007

Jamaican Drag Racing

Jamspeed Adrenaline Rush on CaribTV

I've seen drag racing, the illegal kind, up close and personal in Jamaica at Orange Park, right outside of Ocho Rios in St. Ann. I must say that between the whistling of the peanuts roasting on the roadside, the roars of the engines, and the adrenaline of the crowd I was amped! Unfortunately the rain forced everyone to leave early but it was still great fun! I have it on video too, I should upload it to the net one day...Anyway CaribTV has launched a new series called Jamspeed Adrenaline Rush featuring 40 wannabe racers all vying for a place on the Jamspeed Racing Team of creator and executive producer of the show, Christopher McFarlane. The show is being promoted as "The Jamaican Amazing Race", from the clips I've seen it looks like exciting and at times funny viewing Unfortunately you can only see the show if you subscribe to CaribTV but, I've attached the promo trailer and a clip of the contestants explaining why they want to be the driver that is chosen...including one gentleman who can't even drive! LOL!

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