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Sunday, December 30, 2007

20 injured in Sting Event in Portmore

What sad news to a great event. Reports from the event put the spark of the incident in the hands of DJ Ninja Man and dance hall star Vybz Kartel who allegedly started a fight incensed by a hyped and "wild" crowd that were upset that headliner Bounty Killer would be a no-show. Security guards subsequently fired machine guns into the air after fans began hurling bottles and rocks onto the stage and into the VIP areas.

Their was also damage reported to several media vehicles on the scene. There had been no reports of anyone being shot, the paper reported. Many persons lost their cell phones, jewelry and shoes in the melee.

You know I just posted about how Crime was down in the many areas but I would be remiss if I did not mention that some " artist" and I use that word loosely did not think it was important to give a good show. The fact the Bounty Killer was not going to show should have been told to the crowd up front. Many paid good money, and travelled far to attend the concert.

Like I said sad. We have so much talented musicians that have to understand that without the people showing up and supporting your music you would not be in a celebrity status. One thing about Bob Marley, no matte who he had, "beef" with he always managed to perform at his best. His fans meant a lot to him.

source: Caribbean Net News

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