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Monday, December 03, 2007

Army and Police want to merge in Jamaica

I tell you the new regime is not playing mon. Today, a new joint task force is coming together. They will operate out of the Police Commissioner's office on Hope Road. Former Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin is set to accept the position of post of Commissioner. This will be the first time the JCF (Jamaica Constabulary Force) and the JDF (Jamaica Defense Force) will combat crime together. I see they are not playing. The rude bwoy dem and gang bangers better take heed, they intend to clean up Jamaica by hook or crook. Seems like Jamaica might need some more Jail built.

Source: Jamaican Observer


Anonymous said...
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iriegal said...

I wonder too Trecia. I love my homeland, but I am not oblivious about the crime wave that has increased over the years.

I wonder though Trecia, if having more jails built means taxing the people more to get the money, just how many of my countrymen would agree to this.