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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Big Up to U Roy-King of the Rockers

Big up to the Original Reggae Ambassador. He is spreading VERSION GALORE. I remember working at TIP TOP Record store on Orange Street in Kingston and people coming by the shop to hear this cut.

Ewart Beckford, 1942, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. U-Roy, began as a sound system DJ in 1961, spinning records for the Doctor Dickies set, later known as Dickies Dynamic, in such well-known Jamaican venues as Victoria Pier, Foresters Hall and Emmett Park. n 1969 U-Roy was invited to play for Dodd's Down Beat sound system, playing the number 2 set; the number 1 set had King Stitt as DJ.

Source: UROY.COM


Esteban Agosto Reid said...

Classic!! Classic!! Classic!! Indeed,the King of ROCKERS! RESPECT!!

iriegal said...

True dat Esteban...nuh true

He was the Gorgon feh true!