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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Jamaica is Not Violent in Comparison to...

I have been feeling very discourage lately because it seems the media in Jamaica will highlight all the negative things going on in the island but not focusing on some of the positive. Well Jamaica (as 3rd Word Countries go) has a large amount of violence however I don't feel it is leading in that area. My girlfriend sent me this video and asked me to place in on my website.

Warning...It is very graphic. It depicts some of the conditions that people live in some parts of Brazil. It was very sad to watch that. Violence over a period of time desensitizes people. It robs you of your ability to smile. It not only becomes a way of life but a loss sense of hope.

I feel Jamaica is no where near the images depicted in this film. Jamaica is going through its transitional phase. When the gunmen stop taking over a country and the residents are allowed to reside without fear then progress is made. OneLove Jamaica.


MrsYFA said...

Very interesting, it reminds me of the Jamaican Gangs videos. It really is sad that people have to live in conditions like those.

iriegal said...

Yes, this is so sad. It does remind me of the Jamaican gang videos.What makes it so sad it is so near the capital.

Rio gets so much money from tourism, there is really no need for folks to live in these squalor conditions. Let me stop before I get too emotional.