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Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Jamaican the Oldest Woman in the World?

Ida Stewart

Well according to Ida Stewart from Devon (a small place outside of Brown's Town) she is. Ida claims to have been born November 5, 1886. Which means she was born during the Polish uprising with the Russian Empire and she would have been 4 years old when the had the last American War battle (which would of been the Massacre at Wounded Knee).

According to the article in today's Jamaica Star, Miss Ida (as she is known ) is very alert and very witty as well. She is quoted as saying, " Is di first mi see seh people in di world change because dem doomed to hell. Nuff a dem a di generation of vipers whe mi read bout inna di bible. First time manners did deh wid children, none nuh deh deh again and everything raise. Everyday price raise like aeroplane Kerosene oil whe mi used to buy one gallon fi a shilling, now dat a sell fi but $300"

In order for Ms Stewart to be recognize as the world record holder she has to make sure forms are filled out at WWW.GUINNESS-WORLDRECORDS.COM. Upon verification, which accepts evidence of her birth date and origin then that record can be updated.

Currently the title is held by 114 Edna Parker, from Shellbyville, Indiana

This is entirely true because Jamaicans have been known to live long. (actually many people in the islands). In Glascow, Jamaica near retirement in Saint Anns there was a man name Septimus Ferguson and he was reported to be 114 when he died. I believe longevity is more common then we think. Recently when Sturge Town celebrated their 10 year anniversary, it was noted that they had a large majority of town members that were over 100.

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