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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Leader of the Stone Crusher Gang Captured

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Well, the news all over Jamaica is the capture of the alleged leader of the Stone Crusher Gang, Eldon Calvert. This gang who is established in the NorthCoast Area has had several of its gang members (including Calvert) on the most wanted list in Jamaica.

Monday was indeed a victory for Operation Kingfish, with the capture of Calvert and his companions. Interesting the alleged gangster, who was wanted on numerous murder charges, wept when he was held by detectives and begged the police not to kill him.(even bad
Two other men and a woman, who were holed up in the six-bedroom one-storey house with Calvert, were also held in the special police operation.

Calvert has been implicated in several multiple murders in Saint James. The most gruesome of these were 5 people who were beheaded last year.

Well, I am all about cleaning up Jamaica and getting back to the business of promoting the beauty of the island

on another note shame on Bounty Killa and Movado for "bigging up," these gang members. These people have allegedly committed some serious crimes. Crime in itself is nothing that should be glorified.

Source: Eldon Calvert

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