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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Legless Man Smuggles Drugs

Well, it isn't the first time and I am sure it won't be the last. It appears Dean Stewart 22, thought he could get away with smuggling drugs in his hollowed out prosthetic limbs. Stewart who boarded the Air Jamaica Flight 15 to New York City in November of last year, never knew what he was in for.

He was busted after the plane landed. Stewart a Jamaica told immigration he could not walk and the prosthetic leg could not be removed. Inspectors became suspicious because Stewart's round-trip ticket had been purchased in cash three days earlier, and Department of Homeland Security records showed he had traveled to the U.S. three times between June and August for brief visits.

According to Stewart (at his indictment at Brooklyn Federal Court), he did indeed know he was smuggling drugs, but did not know how much.

It seems he has done this so frequently that he must of thought he would never get caught. The sad thing is they took his prostethic leg (yes he really is disabled) and he had to appear in the courthouse in a wheelchair. (i know that leg cost some money).

Source: New York Daily News

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