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Sunday, January 06, 2008

This News is Distrubing

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The Jamaican Observer claims in their paper today that women due to their manipulation of men have led to many men dying in Jamaica. What kind of crock is this? Psychologist Dr Sidney McGill agreed with Gayle's view, noting that murder-suicides were often driven by a "brooding bitterness" on the part of the perpetrator, who was usually male,

"Women have grown up without restrictions on expressing their emotions and so they are more emotionally developed than most men and pretty much manipulate men and make them feel incompetent and inferior," McGill said.

I do agree with the the restrictions placed on males and expressing themselves. Many men are given the responsibilities of raising the household due to lack of male presence. You are often viewed as a "punk" if you so any type of real emotions. Many Jamaican men do keep their feelings bottled up inside.

Women can easily manipulate a man in Jamaica because so much precedence is placed on sex. From very early on a male child is pressured into acts of sex as a show that he is a boy. Sadly many young girls think that as soon as they reach puberty that this is expected of them. This mentality is especially practiced in the country part of Jamaica.

McGill went on to say, "It boils down to respect. If a man does not feel he is respected, then he will feel intimidated and will lash out - and not only in terms of violence but also in terms of finding someone else who respects him more,"

sadly I agree, if a man feels disrespected in Jamaica, often times it is the female that is a recipient of his anger.


naked politics said...

I am so bloody annoyed with this type of generalization. It is always 'the woman's fault'. Men are such gentle creatures that the mere breeze of our emotions can drive them over the edge- at which time the fall, full force on the woman in question- PIFFLE! That we have women supporting this nonsense is beyond degrading. We need to raise our daughters to express themselves. It would break my heart if either of my daughters fall over silent to calm the spirit of a pathetic and immature man. Likewise, my sons must acknowledge their girlfriends/wives/ buddies right to express themselves without the fear of raging male responses. Our daughters need to be able to express themselves without some idiotic psychiatrist putting her self hating 2 cents in. Perhaps we should all raise our daughters with the ability to walk past these types of men (and those who support their pouting)with pity

iriegal said...

I actually agree with what you are saying. However, being Jamaican (wheter becoming naturalized or not), you understand that certain sentiments in Jamaica will never change.

I raised my daughter to respect herself and my son to respect women. I am proud to say that my youngest at 22 years of age will not be swayed (by money or anything else) to give up her own moral beliefs. She will stand for what she feels is right.
My son will respect a woman because I will accept no less from him.