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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tivoli Gardens Residents in an Uproar

The residents are upset about the way Kingston's Mayor, Desmond McKenzie praised the Security Force Police for the way they handled the uprising on the 13th (Sunday). This was the result of the men who fatally shot five men, police office and soldier (who was injured). Members of the community complained the the helicopters flew overhead and were firing shots at random and could of hit innocent people in the community. Below one of the community members describes what went down.

"A wha happen to McKenzie, is like him a side wid di police and soldier and a support dem...Him well an know seh a foolishness dem gwaan wid yesterday and all now wi nuh hear him a lick out pon dem. Everything him seh is like him want fi seh is a good job dem do," one resident said.

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