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Thursday, February 21, 2008

12 Tribes an All White Affair

Get ready for the biggest White Party ever as the the Twelve Tribes of Israel , an organization founded by the Prophet Gad, Doctor Vernon Carrington.

The concept of the Twelve Tribes of Israel is that each month of the year represents a Tribe. January - Naptali, February - Joseph, March - Benjamin, April - Rueben, May - Simeon, June - Levi, July - Judah, August - Issachar, September - Zebulun, October - Dan, November - Gad, December - Asher, and to complete the body, Sister Dinah.
Additionally colours were assigned to each month. The colours are silver, gold, purple, brown, yellow, pink, blue, red, grey, green, white, black and many colors for Sis Dinah respectively.

In commemoration of this on February 23rd there will be a large concert at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Center. Scheduled to perform are Luciano, Ken Boothe, Morgan Heritage, Tarrus Riley, Sugar Minott and many more.

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