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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

CopyRight Infringement, Serious Business

CopyRight Infringement or as we in the street say, "bootleg" is very serious in Jamaica. Right now. Due to the increase abuse of DVD sales, "Viewers Choice' a popular DVD outlet will be forced to close its doors. According to the Jamaican Observer, Friday will be its last day.

Though the police are trying hard to crack down on piracy, the bootleg business is still flourishing. It has made legitimate business operators hard to compete. It is not uncommon to see vendors hawking illegally recorded movies, and CD's in some of the more major commercial areas daily.

I always find it amazing when people report such activities like this, that many people overseas will say, "I didn't know they had those type of activities going on in Jamaica." I think people still view Jamaica as this "throw back" 3r World country with no type of modernization. Jamaica has every new technology out and perhaps even more then their Western counterparts, since many of the Asian countries seem to filter their wares there.

Sadly, with modernization comes an element of crime. Now this Friday there will be a lot of people out of a job, because they can't compete with the everyday "street vendors."

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