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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jamaica bids Fidel Farewell

Well, as many know by now Fidel Castro has left office, (well that is what he said anyway). I have to give it to Fidel, for 50 years the United States has been trying to overthrow him. He has stayed the course though.

It is hard to believe ,but the old guy did outlast nine presidents way to go Castro,I only hope his nation stays its course.You can bet the phones are ringing off the wall in Miami right.

Castro also retains his powerful post as first secretary of Cuba's Communist Party. The party leadership posts generally are renewed at party congresses, the last of which was held in 1997.

It was just three years ago when Fidel Castro visited Jamaica at the PetroCaribe Summit.

This was the big energy meeting.
Fidel was a big fan of the Manley regime. Cuba has been very generous with money given to Jamaica. Most recently was the light bulb Cuba came up with the program increase usage of energy-efficient light bulbs in a bid to bring electricity consumption under control on the island.
As many remember the controversy that program caused. (and still causing). So with Castro stepping down Jamaicans look at their Fluorescent light bulbs and think, how can "free" light bulbs cost over 4 million dollars American?

"In the very difficult days when countries were afraid to associate with Cuba and Castro, the PNP (People's National Party), Michael Manley and his government stood firm and retained diplomatic relations with Cuba," Simpson Miller said.

Socialism at its finest.

source: Observer

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