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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Jamaican Dictionary

You know many people think "patois" is another language. I can tell you sometimes I do too. However, Patois really is a "broken English." That is the best way I can describe it. Similar to Pidgen English. Patois like many other languages has evolved offer the years.

I found this excellent dictionary to help those traveling or maybe just enjoying the accent (as some folks call it).

I took a couple of common phrases and sayings out. (jamaican dictionary)

"A fi mi gyal dat"
Translation: "That is my girl."

"Mi gwaan"
Translation: "I'm gone"

Translation: "What's Happening--What's Up"

"Whey yuh want"
Translation: "What you wnat?"

"What a gwaan sistren?" "What a gwaan bredren?"
Translation: "What's going on sister" "What's going on brother"

"Mi nuh care"
Translation: "I don't care"

"Nuh badda watch mi"
Translation: "Don't bother watching me"

"gi mi a bokkle a wata?"
Translation: "Give me a bottle of water"

"Lawd ave mercy!"
Translation: "Lord have mercy"

Translation: "Kid or child"

Hey gyal come ya"
Translation: "Hey girl come here"

"Bwaay mi like yuh still yuh nuh".
Translation: "Boy I like you.

"Come outta mi yard"
Translation: "Get out of my home/house"

"Mi luv yuh"
Translation: "I love you"

"Leggo mi hand"
Translation: " Let go of my hand"

"Why yuh suh bad minded?"
Translation: "Why are you so bad-minded?"

"Yuh nuh hear yuh mumma a call yuh?"
Translation: "Don't you hear your mother calling you?"

"Guh wash yuh face"
Translation: "Go and wash your face"

"Mi cyaan tell yuh yet"
Translation : "I cannot tell you as yet"

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