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Monday, March 17, 2008

First Caribbean Governor Takes Oath Today

David Patterson 54, will take oath of office today to be the first black Governor of the State of New York. Not only is he the first black governor, but he also has roots in the Caribbean. Both his grandparents on his father's side were born in Grenada and also in Jamaica. His father, former secretary of state Basil Patterson was born in Brooklyn.

Geraldine Ferraro(who earlier had stepped down from Hillary Clinton's campaign) has called David Patterson, Elliot Spitzer's replacement as Governor of New York, lucky to be both black and a blind man. I just think this lady is crazy. She opens her mouth and all kind of rhetoric and craziness comes out.

Speaking to a reporter for the Stars and Bars Shopper, a small Florida panhandle weekly, Ms. Ferraro is quoted as saying, "I mean, black and blind both! How lucky can you get? It's the only reason a guy like that is in line for governor of New York. If he had 20/20 vision and was white, he'd probably be stuck being an airline pilot."

Ferraro emphasized that she was no longer speaking as an official in the Clinton Campaign. "It's my foot and my mouth. I'll put 'em where I please."

I am sure Governor Patterson has a lot to deal with in the upcoming months. I hope the constituents in his state rally around them. He will need a lot of support.

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