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Monday, March 03, 2008

Jamaican Observer Going to Far

I really think this photo is in bad taste. Kern, (and give the devil its due) is not anymore corrupt then a lot of the political figures that inhabit Jamaica. Kern Spencer On the face of it, the arrangements surrounding the acquisition, distribution and installation of the Cuban light bulbs leave much to be desired. However, there are always people that are behind the scenes that have others do their dirty work and they don't get their hands dirty.

I think before this whole mess comes to a finale, that so many more people will be left out to dry. I feel that the light bulb program was used as and attempt to get voters. Yes, the former government at that time was there to kick start the energy conservation program, but as I stated in an early post, free should not involve money.

Shame on you Observer for this Cartoon!

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