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Monday, April 21, 2008

Brown's Town David Whitehorne- Basketball Star

Well one cannot miss David Whitehorne when he is walking to his classes at Brown's Town High in Saint Anns. Why? Because David is only 15, but he is 6feet 10 inches tall. His one desire to play "basketball."

David is quoted as saying "It's basketball I love. I don't see anything on earth I love like basketball. Mi just waan get into the game and play, play fi mi country and thing," he said. "At Brown's Town High they used to play but they stop. I just want to get into a school where they play basketball."

His mother Hyacinth states,"
Growing up he had always been tall. At basic school he was the tallest in class, at grade six in primary school he was the tallest in the entire school, even taller than the teachers," recalled Whitehorne. "I was saying to myself, oh my God, no man, this must be some blessing or something."

Now that that is one tall school bwoy!

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