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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Darryl Vaz is Out

Daryl Vaz (JLP representative for West Portland) was disqualified yesterday as a member of Parliament. It was stated that the Chief Justice stated his dual citzenship played a part in that decision.
Following yesterday's ruling by Chief Justice Zaila McCalla, attorney Gayle Nelson successfully applied for a stay of execution of the by-election ruling, pending an appeal by his client, Abe Dabdoub. It is said Dabdoub was instrumental in protesting the appointment of Daryl Vaz.

A 42-day stay of execution was granted to both parties.
An upbeat and confident Vaz told reporters yesterday after court that he would renounce his citizenship in order to contest the by-election whenever it is held.

Vaz has dual citizenship in the United States and Jamaica. This question has come up many times in Jamaican elections, wheter a person with dual citizenship can hold office. The
Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has taken a stoic stance on the ruling made by Chief Justice Zaila McCalla in the dual citizenship case brought by the People's National Party's Abe Dabdoub against Member of Parliament for West Portland Daryl Vaz.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Since US law prohibits its citizens from holding policy-level positions in foreign governments, Mr. Vaz would have to give up his US citizenship anyway.