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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Devastation in Saint Ann

Early last Thursday heavy rains that started the previous day forced a path of destruction along Milford Road, causing massive road damage and heavy soil erosion, resulting in tons of mud being deposited downtown Ocho Rios.

Businesses along a stretch of the road as well as the primary and high schools were forced to close following the flood damage, and up to yesterday several business places remained closed.

I found these pictures on Montego Bay By Day






This is very sobering. We know that Nature does not play


MrsYFA said...

Hey thanks for posting these pics..they are a lot better than the ones I posted. I can't believe it's SOOO bad! St. Ann is like my second home, it makes my heart break to see it like that.

iriegal said...

Tee, it is indeed sad. I love Ochi as well. I can't imagine what the community is going through. It seems that Jamaica has its battles with nature. I just hope the children can go back to school soon.

Lovliebutterfly said...

oh dear! It makes me remember the torrential rains we had about a month ago when 2 people died carried away by the floods over here in Mauritius.