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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fire Kills 3 Childen- Found Hugging Each Other

Tyrese Johnson 5, Moesha Davis 3, and Dysha Davis (almost one) were not able to escape the flames. Their charred remains were found, bringing tears to the eyes of many people gathered at 38 Crescent Road in Kingston.

Apparently the mother left the children alone and went to the store. The neighbors stated she generally let the kids for hours and hours alone.

Her Uncle said, "
I was in my house sleeping when the smoke wake me up," said Rudolph Bartlett, uncle of the deceased children. "When me go to the window and look, is fire that in their house. Me run around to the house and look at the door and is pure fire, burning hot fire me see. Me start mek up noise and some man come out but we couldn't do anything."

Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller, the member of parliament for South West St Andrew, where Crescent Road is located, appealed to parents to be more careful and not to leave their little ones without adult supervision.

It is sad, and my heart grieves for the children. I think we feel that nothing can happen in just a short time. As you can see sometimes it takes no time for a tragedy to happen. Parents need to be watchful of their children. Now here is a mother that had to flee the district (because if the police didn't get her, the people in the district would probably have killed her), lost her kids, and of course children that lives were lost.

For more on the story- Jamaican Observer


MrsYFA said...

That is SO sad.

iriegal said...

It is sad. What I think is even more sad is that the community knew she was doing this. Maybe she didn't care but someone should of reported her. Perhaps that would of saved those kids lives


How tragic?!