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Friday, April 04, 2008

Government Considering Reducing Foreign Help

The Jamaican Government is considering reducing the number of Foreign workers that get permits to work in Jamaica. "Is it fair to allow you to carry 20 construction labourers from Santo Domingo to Jamaica when we have 500 labourers outside the gate ready to do the work?" said Labor Minister Pearnel Charles. "I am not going to say every time you want a cup of tea, you bring someone from Spain to serve the cup of tea," Charles quipped.

I always wondered about this. We have so many people in Jamaica who cannot find jobs. So many that they sometimes have to go overseas to find work. The minister, speaking at a forum hosted by the Jamaica Employers Federation (JEF), said the new system will seek to balance requirements for specialised workers from abroad with the need to create jobs for Jamaicans.

When we have Filipinos and other nationalities taking care of the children (nannies) but don't speak any English (and not understanding patois), I mean how effective is that?

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