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Saturday, April 26, 2008

How to Survive A Jamaican Chat Room

Okay chatrooms are now the in thing for socialization. Here is a survival guide if you find yourselves stranded in a Jamaican Chat Room.

TWY = Tek Weh Yuself
XA = X Amount
AO = Alms Ouse
BPT = Back Pon Top
BOAL = Buss Out A Laff
BOABDL = Buss Out A Big Dutty Laff
CAS = Crack A Smile
DWL = Dead Wid Laff
DWLAPUMS = Dead Wid Laff And Peepee Up Mi Self
FR = Fi Real
KMN = Kiss Mi Neckback
KYAWO = Kut Yeye And Wheel Out
LIH = Lick Innu Head
LM = Likkle More
MPD = Mad People Dem
MYODB = Mine Yuh Own Dyamn Biznezz
NR = Nuff Respect


MrsYFA said...

I love it! LOL!

iriegal said...