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Monday, April 28, 2008

Movado and Bounty Killa Banned in Guyana


RJR News reported that Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee told reporters that Bounty Killa, whose real name is Rodney Price and Mavado whose real name is David Brooks are seen as a Security Risk to the country.

Mavado was due to perform at a concert to celebrate the Linden Town this weekend.
What I can't understand is how you ban people and still promote their music on your radio stations? That seems to be hypocritical. So people can listen to the music, just not experience the music live.

1 comment:

Stan Gouveia - Broadcast Journalist, Guyana said...

Guyana has One (1) Radio station and I can tell you that Movado's music has no place on the airwaves here. It is popular through television and the pirating of music in Copyright-free Guyana.
This is just in answer to your final statement in your post.