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Monday, May 05, 2008

Bloggers Unite For Hope-Human Rights

Bloggers Unite

Photobucket, the fastest-growing social network for bloggers on the Internet, is partnering with Amnesty International, a worldwide movement that campaigns for internationally recognized human rights, to expand a global social awareness campaign for human rights by launching a major initiative on May 15.

Sadly Jamaica is at the top of the amnesty list for abuse to the gay community. I have long took a stance in my mind that this is wrong. I feel that to kill someone for their sexual preference is likened to killing someone (or persecuting them) for their belief. However, now more then the crimes committed against the gay community is basic crimes against "humanity."

This was quoted from an article at the Amnesty international website,
"Jamaicans face challenges that are replicated among many of the world's nations, especially in the developing world. In 2007, the Human Development Index published by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) ranked Jamaica 101 out of 177 countries, situating the country in the medium Human Development category and on the lower end (second to Haiti) in the Caribbean. Crime and violence occur there at perennially alarming levels. Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), the right to life, warrants special mention. The year 2005 was particularly deadly with 1650 homicides (a rate of 63 per 100,000), and was followed by 1300 in 2006 and over 1500 in 2007."

So on May 15th I will be joining other bloggers in uniting for basic human rights for individuals in Jamaica. I am asking all my fellow Jamaican brothers and sisters to take up the plight as well. Please join me in this request.

Fellow Jamaican bloggers I will be sending this request to are:


Jamaican Dawta said...

Hey Dee, thanks for the invitation. I'd be honoured to participate. Just remind me closer to the time.

Any suggestions on what to blog about on that day?

Bless up!

P.S. I've added you to my list.

iriegal said...

Hi JD. Thank You so much for showing interest in a worthwhile cause. I am thinking of expanding it and contacting the GLEANER and the STAR to see if I can get some support from some of the student groups in Jamaica.

SOme suggestions may be to focus on the violence on the island, the abuse of children (human traffic),gay rights abuse, or any issue that affects the morale on the island.

I am blogging about the many missing children in Jamaica and how it correlates to some of these young girls being forced into Child prostitution. said...

i do not support violence against gays either but i think Jamaica has more pressing issues and my comment on the gay issue might go misunderstood if I state it too much in detail here.

Here in Jamaica being gay is not morally and socially acceptable and there are far more important rights and freedoms and more pressing issues for the Jamaican ppl to focus on during such a day.

I am sick of external groups and organizations interfering with our sovereignty as a nation and trying to influence what we should and should not do or accept as a nation while there are many other bigger more powerful nations that they buy oil from and trade billions with where homosexuality and even more trivial everyday actions and rights are still very much illegal or non-existent. in my eyes that hypocrisy.

iriegal said...

jamaipanese...I agree with you about the more pressing issues. When you have so many people abroad afraid to go "Home"...then to me that is a problem.

The youth do not respect themselves, much less others. I know many in Jamaica are upset that we have so many people who are "watching" Jamaica's every move, but lived in Jamaica at at time when I had to walk to school through teargas.

The bloggers united can give a VOICE to whatever issue you want to address concerning the island. I am not focusing (me personally) about the gay issue. I,like you, have other issues that need to be addessed

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invitation my fren. This is certainly a cause to get behind.