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Friday, May 09, 2008

Immigration Con Artist Captured After 30 years

A Jamaican woman, who has traveled to several major countries around the world under 25 different names, is to be sentenced on fraud charges in the Half-Way-Tree Criminal Court.
Brice Duhaney, 55, pleaded guilty last month to being in possession of a false passport.

Ms Duhaney, who has lived in Canada, the USA and England, was arrested in March when she tried to renew a false passport at the Passport Office. It is also to be noted she was kicked out of Canda and England. You mean to tell me it took 30 years to stop her from traveling back and forth from Jamaica to other countries? Wow.



Totally outrageous!!But as dem sey a yard, "time longer dan rope." RESPECT!!

iriegal said...

true dat esteban. Mi feel feh har.

The only traveling she will be doing is walking round the prison courtyard.

longbench said...

I'm not surprised that it took so long for her to be caught. There are people who I am sure will never get caught; they are not silly enough to go in person to try to renew a false passport. Instead, they get someone on the inside to do it for them or simply create a new document. She was probably set up. This is a mega-operation and our police and investigative journalists are soooo far behind when it comes to understanding the various networks of criminal operations in Jamaica. Instead, the media and public alike treat these "news items" like juicy scandal, rather than with the seriousness they deserve.