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Monday, June 23, 2008

Corrupt Customs System Getting Facelift

The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce is putting its full support behind Commisioner of Customs Danville Walker.

"A clear vision and commitment to cleaning up the system are urgently needed," the JCC said in a statement issued yesterday. "Those involved in corruption must be made to suffer the full extent of the law, with no exceptions. This must include the forfeiture of all assets gained through these illegal activities, as provided for by the Proceeds of Crime Act.

At the airport. :(

For many who have had to go through Jamaica's custom system you know the level of dishonesty that lurks there. Sometimes it is not what you know but "who" you know that can get you by. This holds true for the customs office.

"Finance Minister Audley Shaw recently exposed the facts to the nation regarding tax compliance. The JCC agrees that tax compliance must improve and, to this end, insists that the new commissioner of customs be given the necessary resources, independence and priority to enact changes in the customs system, which will yield positive results for the nation's treasury and serve as a starting point in collecting outstanding taxes," the group said.

I hope something gets down, because down the line this will hurt the tourist industry.

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