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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Da ThunderBolt Rocks It Mon!!-9.69 Record Time

Well, unless you were under a rock you would not know that Usain Bolt won the finals yesterday with a world record of 9.69

The Jamaican Observer had this very telling comic strip:

Here are some of the comments being made:

"It is electrifying," said Letna Allen-Rowe, of Jamaican origin. "Usain Bolt is a household name in our neighbourhood."

In the B & B Restaurant, three men were raising toasts in Bolt's honour.

"Jamaica is a factory of great runners, and Bolt is the newest addition to a long, long list," said 63-year-old Clement Clarke of Scarborough, who came from Jamaica to Canada about 40 years ago.

"Bolt was representing Jamaica, while other runners often run for other countries like the United States and Canada."

In The Barbers of Eglinton barbershop, a Jamaican flag was on display. The eight chairs were all occupied, the talk all Olympics.

With Tyson Gay out of the semi finals , it really just came down to ( in my opinion) Asafa Powell and Usain Bolt . Not to take anything away from Michael Frater but Usain just seemed to have more power and stride.

During the race when Bolt looked around and realized that his country man (Powell) was not close by he pretty much "shut it down.' It was a clear 30 meter sailing. He easily coasted to the finish. Many wonder if he did not slow down what the "real" record would be.

Bolt, who became only the second Caribbean athlete to win the 100m gold after Trinidad & Tobago's Hasely Crawford in 1972, said he was proud to better the silver medals of Jamaican icons Herb McKenley (1952), Lennox Miller (1968) and Donald Quarrie (1976).

Congrats "Bolt Man" you are like lightening feh true iyah!!

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