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Monday, August 11, 2008

Where Mi Television Mon?

Well, it seems the folks at Quarry, Clarendon will have to do a lot of "hearsay" to find out who won the track and field meet. Although their village is named after "Quarry" it doesn't seem to have any influence in having them get electricity.

There is no electricity which has approximately 150 houses and is located close to eight miles from Frankfield (northwest, Clarendon). So they have to take a hike to their neighbors 4 miles down the road to see television.

David Mundle states, "We are interested in the games but we have to walk. He further stated that the alternative to walking is paying $150.00 taxi fare to go to Frankfield or staying home and listening to the event on a battery powered radio.

This is not the only place in Jamaica where there is no electricity. Several other districts face the same dilemma.

I hope they will have electricity by the time the track and field meets, however things don't look too good for Quarry, Clarendon.

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