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Thursday, September 18, 2008

All White Funeral-Carlton Grant Jr

At the nine night-Spragga Benz
and Carlton's mother

As many of you know Spragga Benz's son Carlton was laid to to rest on September 13th. The sad thing it was bitter sweet for me. That was my birthday but also the funeral reminded me of all the craziness that is happening in this world. Some say we are in the last days. I believe them.

For those who don't remember the incident surrounding Carlton's death
occurred on Church Street in Kingston when the police were on an alleged patrol. It was reported that Grant and a friend was riding a bicycle when ordered by the police to stop, which they did and one of them pulled a gun and fired at the police. The fire was returned and the men ran, the area was searched and Grant's body was found suffering from several gunshot wounds.

Carlton Grant Jr. successfully sat his CXCs earning 6 subjects. He will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace Carlton.

My girlfriend went to the funeral and called it a "Celebration of Life." She stated the theme was "angels" that was why they wore white.She said the singing was so beautiful by the Camperdown High School Singers.

Weeping openly and even uncontrollably at times, family and friends filed into Our Lady Of Angels Church on Molynes Road at 10:00am. The church quickly filled up with many representatives from the Jamaican and global music fraternities in attendance, including: Nadine Sutherland, Clyde McKenzie, Assassin, Carlene Smith, TOK, Richie Stephens, Copper Cat and Foxy Brown.

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1 comment:

Ensayn1 said...

This is horrible! What is happening back a Yaad? Really what is happening all over with Black people? It is especially hurtful to lose a youngster. When my nephew was killed we also wore white and light colours to the "home going celebration" as well. We wanted a celebration of life as, so I can fully understand their reasoning. Do you have any follow up on the case? Is it a closed case now? Spragga is one of my favorite artiste but I hadn't heard of the death of his son. And I quite often listen to NewsTalk 93 and Power 106 out of JA, I must have missed this.