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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bruce Golding's one year anniversary

Many have given Bruce Golding and his people a failing grade. However, was the administration before them any better? We have one year versus 18 years. It reminds me of the old proverb that says, "Carry the same bucket to the well everyday, and one day the b0ttom is going to drop out."

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So for 18 years we had one ruling, now after one year we expect this administration to make this huge change? According to the Jamaican Observer, Tech's Dr Horace Williams, a lecturer in the School of Business Administration, also gave the government a "passing grade for effort", but said that it had fallen victim to its own short-sightedness and had been overly 'optimistic' in promises to reduce crime, achieve single digit inflation, low interest rates and create 'jobs, jobs, jobs'.

I think the one thing that people are disappointed with is the level of crime that has occurred. Although Kingfish and company have indeed clamped down on the badman dem, I (as many other Jamaicans) feel the government could do better.

But corruption is on both sides. The gunman run the country.

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