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Friday, September 05, 2008

Jamaica Sights

When one visits Jamaica, there is a sense of excitement when that tropical breeze hits your face. You know you are about to be in for an adventure. There are so many wonderful places in Jamaica to visit that I really can't list them all.

Here are some Sites to visit:

Lacovia is the longest village in Jamaica, laid out for more than five miles on either side of the South Coast highway and the Black River, both of which divide the community into East and West Lacovia. Throughout the 18th century, Black River and Lacovia alternated as the capital of the parish of St Elizabeth. At one point in time, the river was the main transportation route for the parish, as road travel through the dense and humid mangrove swamps was treacherous at worst, miserable at best. > Learn More

The historic home of playwright Noel Coward offers a nice tour. Named for the luminous insects seen in the warm evenings, this house has certainly entertained its share of luminaries from both the political and entertainment worlds, including Queen Elizabeth II, Laurence Olivier, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Alec Guiness, Peter O'Toole, and Richard Burton. > Learn More

Fifteen minutes by boat from Port Royal is a small, low-lying island cay with one of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica. The largest of the many small cays off the coast of Port Royal, Lime Cay is uninhabitable by humans because it is occasionally submerged when the tide comes in. Lime Cay has been the source of many scams and hoaxes whereby the cay is “sold” to unsuspecting buyers as a potential location for a private resort. > Learn More

Runaway Bay is certainly one of the most scenic areas in Jamaica, Since the early 1960s, when the old Cardiff Hall Estate was converted to a combination of luxury hotels, golf courses and private villas, the town has developed its own character and persona as an elegant yet lively getaway. Over the years, there has been much debate about the name of this small coastal town. > Learn More

If your travels bring you to the city of Kingston, you will, at some point, probably end up in New Kingston, the fast-growing commercial district that is increasingly becoming the business centre of the country. Built on lands formerly part of the Knutsford Park Race Track, major construction projects in New Kingston began in the late 1950s, and still continue today. The result – most of Jamaica’s modern multi-storeyed office blocks, the visible representation of the high-flying financial service industry, are clustered here. > Learn More


clnmike said...

Those are some nice picks.

Fly Girl said...

These photos bring tears to my eyes! But you don't have my fave, Mandeville here! The mountains of Jamaica are breathtaking!