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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Where is the Bridge?

For many people that read this blog that are either non-Jamaican or have never visited Jamaica you might not be able to comprehend the anguish by the residents who have had their livelihood taken away from them with Gustav. ( I know one hell of a long sentence huh?)

Well, as many people on the Eastern end of the island waited for a Bailey Bridge (temporary bridge) that was constructed by the Jamaica Defense Force to be fully functional, tempers started to rise.

By afternoon, pedestrians were allowed to use the bridge to get across the Hope River. The use of the bridge however was restricted to single-lane traffic and lights are to be installed to manage traffic flow. Some people (especially vendors) who depend on selling their wares in Kingston had to wait

However, (as reported by the Jamaican Observer) because of the heavy traffic the bridge became unstable and the pedestrian crossing was soon halted.

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