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Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Little Black Box Mon

I had this on my other blog "mental stimulation" and ha so much fun with it that I decided to add it to all my blogs. (Lawd all 9 of them). I found I have met so many interesting blogs to the black box. The only caution is it is addictive.

You Click on the box... right on DECIDE... make your choices and see where your path may take you!

Visit HERE if you'd like to add a Little Black Box of your own.

I have also added one on my sidebar, you should too. It is loads of fun

I am compelled to admit it. I am completely addicted to this new form of travel and friend finding. The only reason I stopped long enough to write this post was because someone's Little Black Box brought me home to my own page. Now, it's time to go again.

If you found your way here via a Little Black Box, then please let me know; say hello, and tell us where you are from and a little about yourself! Have and irie day mon.

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