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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What has happened to Half Way Tree

Man I remember walking to halfway tree and catching the bus to go to school (in high school). Half Way Tree was the hangout back in the days. Now we have all this lawlessness.

Recently there were reported cases where several cases where women and teenaged girls have been abducted and raped by men pretending to be legitimate taxi operators in the Half-Way-Tree area.

(according to RJR NEWS)

A highly placed source at (Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse )told the RJR News Centre that the situation in Half-Way-Tree is out of control.

According to the investigator, CISOCA is now probing several cases last month where women who boarded taxis in the busy commercial district were abducted and raped by criminals posing as cab drivers.

RJR News was told of one case where a University student who boarded a taxi destined for Papine was taken away and sexually assaulted.

Now the school children can't even go to school without being harassed. The gunmen are really running ting
s now.

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