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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Unique Ways of Smuggling Drugs

I have to laugh...only in Jamaica. Recently it was reported that a man (Robert Cunningham) tried to smuggle drugs out of Jamaica through the handles of his suitcase.

Originally he and his travelling companion (Cynthia Woolery) from Westmoreland who allegedly had 2.75 pounds of ganja in the handle of her suitcases had tried to make a plea, but he later pled guilty for the offense The plea was rejected because it was found out it was not the first time the woman had done this.

It alwasy amazes me that people think that Jamaica is so unsophisticated that they will try all kind of crazy things to get drugs out the country. It is the Customs agents that are corrupt why half the drugs make it out the country.

Here some picture of different ways that people have tried to smuggle drugs out the country.

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