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Monday, March 02, 2009

Vbytz Kartel is a Free Man

Well, I know many people are thinking like I am that money is seriously changing hands in this case. A quote from the Jamaican Star has his lawyer saying,

"Your Honour, I know the name Vybz Kartel might send off a negative vibes. However, I am representing Adidjah Palmer who is a totally different person from the entertainer persona. And it is in this light that we want to say we are sorry to the music fraternity and Jamaica at large for what happened at Sting," he said.

As many reading may recall Vbyz was accuses of using indecent language at the Sting show last year.

This is gonna to make it hard for the Ministers who want to censor the language used in many of the dancehall tunes.

More of the Story Here---VBYTZ KARTEL

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