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Friday, April 17, 2009

Bun and Cheese- Not Just and Easter Thing

According to the Jamaican Observer, more then 90 per cent of Jamaicans consume bun and cheese, while Dairy Industries general manager Andrew Ho tells Thursday Food, "65 per cent of our cheese produced for the year is used up during Easter." Jamaicans love dem Bun and Cheese mon!

Fitzroy Johnson of Sovereign Supermarket outlines that his store orders around 250 cases of cheese and that stocks are usually exhausted well before Easter.
"Clearly we stock all types, but at Easter Tastee is the boss.that's the cheese Jamaicans prefer."

But while the rubbery, salty appeal of Tastee might win out come Easter time, John R Wong exec Gloria Henderson says her company is never out of cheese, it's something Jamaicans eat year round.

I love Tastee cheese. Yes, it is true it is a bit salty, but there is no other cheese that goes so perfect with bun. ...and yes we can eat that all year long.



Bwoy, yuh wah si sey mi neva nyam nun dis yah Easter.But mi still luv mi bun an chese.

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