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Saturday, May 30, 2009

2 suspected cases of swine flu hits Jamaica

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Bwoy dis ya ting a ketch everbody mon.

More on the story HERE


clnmike said...

The spread of this is something to be concerned about because if it were a serious diseas the world could have bben in trouble.

But that being siad this is not a very harmful strain of flu and the only people who have to worry are those with weak immune systems.

As long as everybody keeps from panicking and let health administrators do their job everything will be alright.

iriegal said...

Mike, you are right. I read the book "THE STAND" by Stephen King and boy does this look familar. Since I am one of those with the WEAK immune system I do worry.

I am hoping the CDC is getting a handle on it. I fear that we are not really hearing ALL the statistics out there, because you are right they really don't want to create a panic.