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Monday, June 29, 2009

Convicts will be hanged

The Prime Minister Bruce Golding is again warning that once the appeals process has been exhausted by persons on death row, government will once again resume hangings.

According to Mr. Golding, Parliament has already made its decision and the government intends to live up to it.
I feel sad about that decision, because it has been in the past where the wrong people were hung and once you are dead, can't bring you back.

He added that until the country gets to that stage criminals will continue their rampage knowing that the probability of them being caught and punished is low.

I fear he is right. Many of the criminals pay the law enforcement and time in prison is like going to a country club.

Source: RJR NEWS

1 comment:

clnmike said...

I cant agree with this the death penalty does not does not stop crime. And of course the risk of killing an innocent man even just one is worth abolishing it. More focus should be spent on the causes of murder.